Hello winelover! I am Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas. My second last name (Oktapodas) means in Greek: Octopus, so I suppose it isn’t difficult to guess where from the blog’s name come from!

Born and raised in Athens, until recently, when decided to move a bit further, just 45 minutes outside the city, and by my beloved sea.

The involvement with wine began in 2006, when extensive tasting and reading, revealed a new world, full of aromas, flavors and further expectations.

I am currently certified as WSET Diploma (thank God!).

Blog’s aim, is to spread the knowledge and enjoyment of Greek wine, which I truly believe has a solid potential. On the other hand, it would be a mistake to avoid discussing some international gems we taste from time to time. After all, samples of the global terroir, makes it more challenging for our indigenous grapes!

In my opinion, wine education is a combo of tasting as much as possible, either in house, or outside to social and official events, along with adequate reading and social media interaction. The world of wine is fun, and should be treated as such. This blog’s intention is to communicate, following those principals.

Opening a fine wine, always demand the appropriate dish to accompany with. And here we come to the other passion of mine: cooking (Oh yes, men can cook!). So do not forget to check out the recipes section, where the intention is to post the most interesting and worth mentioning plates, and their wine pairings.

My commitment is to write and taste, independently and without any direct (and much more, indirect) relation to the winemakers or resellers.

I accept wine samples for review. Please, contact me requesting shipping instructions. Site’s review policy is simple: we taste every single wine you ship to WineOctopus, and we write about the bottles we like. There is no fixed tasting schedule, and no feedback is provided to wineries other than what might be written here.

Finally I want to thank you for reading, and you are welcome to actively connect with the blog and share your thoughts, likes and dislikes.

Have fun


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