What is a great wine? Is it only quality or not?

This is blog’s point of view, of defining a great wine: It has to please you not only in nose or palate, but also spiritually. It is not only a material pleasure, but it has to be challenging, to intriguing, and mind blowing. To shout “there is something magical here, come back, take one more sniff, one more sip, think again, rediscover me, and finally, fill up your glass again, as the first one is never enough. In other words, it is what every woman wants for the man of her dreams “first he has to seduce her mind, and then her body”

How all these can be achieved? Actually with absolute commitment of the winegrower and winemaker, decades of experience, and above all, consistency in all quality aspects from vintage to vintage.

I will be glad to discuss your point of view !

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