Parents with twins? We have a great wine for you!

Hmm … quite strange. A wine with a sperm unit on it’s label! Wait a minute … look closer … is it a grape with a tail?

Well, as i figured out later, both are correct! But let me introduce you to this wine, with probably the most  unique and happy concept behind it


Didimos (twin in Greek) is the result of an effort initiated by winemaker Thomas Ligas. What he noticed? There was a great number of Greek winemakers, who had twins! What happened next, was a “Twin Winemaker Parents Union” and their (what else?) unified wine, to honor their kids.

This is probably the only label, where you can taste almost all major indigenous and international red varieties being cultivated in Greece. Every winemaker is contributing about two casks of his finest product, and Mr Ligas is in charge to blend them all and release this wonderful effort. The varieties of 2008 where 11, so I guess in terms of grape diversity, this is the Greek version of Chateauneuf Du Pape!

We are not goDidimos Wine. A label made by winemakers with twin childrennna talk about formality, terroir, viticulture, or any oenological method. Who cares anyway, when you make a such celebrating wine:

Didimos 2008 : Medium garnet color, indicative that Xinomavro contribution to the bled is probably high. Nose of med+ intensity, very well concentrated and complex. Black fruit (cherries), plum, animal notes (leather), and (again) typical  Xinomavro notes of dried tomato and olives. Some black spice is also there along with pale oak notes of smoke.
Palate comes with high acidity, making the wine a perfect pair of fatty meats. Medium+ bodied with many and rounded tannins. Medium+ fruity finish, with more evident oak (but not dominating) and strong spice and leather notes.

Grapes: Agiorgitiko, Krasato, Mavrodaphne, Mavroudi, Negoska, Xinomavro, Refosco, Stavroto, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah

Overall a very good wine, already enjoyable but with an at least 10 year further development potential. Paired nice with a “jumbo” pork steak.

The happy parents are: Chris Aidarinis, Bill Kanellakopoulos, Thomas Ligas, Leo Nasiakos, Apostolos Moudrichas, Thanos Dougos, Theodoros Pangalos, Christoforos Pavlidis & Dimitris Taralas.
There are 12 more, not in 2008 blend: George Skouras, George Vassiliou, Nick Harlaftis, Liza Vintzileou, Nikos Vogiatzis, Doris Karantasios, Dimitris Gouvaras, Nikos Giannakis, Ilias Liakopoulos, Alex Megapanos  & Marios Xiromeritis.

Alcohol: 13%

Retail price in Greece: about 13 euros / 18$

Score: 89

Value for money: Very Good

The wine can be found in every blend contributing winery

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