The best ever, prime rib method

Ok, i admit it. I am a red wine lover. So i decided to launch the recipes section, with my all time favorite way of roasting, a perfect cut of prime rib (σπαλομπριζόλα μοσχαρίσια). I can assure you that if you follow the instructions with absolute ACCURACY you will enjoy the perfect, juicy rib eye, equivalent to medium rare, with out a single drop of blood in your plate.


Click to enlarge, and see how evenly the juices are spread into meat, without a single drop of blood spilled on cutting board

So lets get started. First of all, your meat must be in room temperature and with its bone on. This is very important, so get it out of the fridge for at least 6 hours before roasting (or even longer). Combine a generous amount of butter (in room temperature) with the herbs of your choice. I use most o

f the times, thyme and estragon, but you can experiment with something different. Spread the butter all over the meat, and then add a lot of kosher salt. Use plenty of it! Don’t be afraid that it is going to be salty. It is a very big piece of meat, and the butter / salt cover, will end up to your pan. In general, use more salt that you think you are going to need 🙂

Preheat your oven to a temperature of 260 C (500 F). Yes! It is very high! Don’t worry about it.

Now we are gonna do some (easy) math. Multiply every Kg of the meat (it is written on the label, or you can use your own weighting machine) by 11 minutes. (or every pound by 5 minutes) For example if your piece of meat is 2,8 Kg, you should calculate 2,8*11 = 30,8 minutes. Round it up to 31, and here you are with your roasting time!

15 - 20 days maturation, 1 day marinated, herb butter and ... done!

15 – 20 days maturation, 1 day marinated, herb butter spa, and you’re … done!

Place the pan in the center of the preheated oven (bone down) and let it cook for the time you calc before. Not even a minute more or less. You will feel uncomfortable seeing the meat “burning” and lots of smoke to be generated, but don’t bother. Everything is under control! Once it is done, DO NOT open the oven, and turn off the heat. Next step is to let the meat rest for two hours. So if you plan to serve at 21:00 you should start the procedure at 18:30. This will allow the meat to slowly roast to the center, and let the blood spread evenly into the tissue.

Once done, i suggest you take a wooden cutting board, and serve your guests at the table, with the plates preheated. Pair it with an oaked Agiorgitiko or even a dry Mavrodaphne

Dare it, Try it, and let me know…


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